Ministry Vision

To minister the Word of God, encourage and inspire others in all walks of life. To serve others as God had called us to do as we prepare for growth in the Body of Christ.

Ministry Mission

To assist the pastor in carrying out the ministries of the church. To minister to women in all walks of life and help them in their spiritual growth. To administer service as needed; to visit the sick, destitute, and deprived. To keep in touch with new disciples.

The Pastor appoints spiritually mature disciples to this ministry.


Contact:  Deaconess Patricia Warren

Contact Phone: 301-899-8885

Contact Email:

Meeting Days: 3rd Saturdays, before the 4th Sundays


Name Position
Patricia Warren Chairman
Liz Moses Vice Chairman
Wilma Smith Secretary
Shirley Hammond Assistant Secretary
Allonease Readdy Chaplain
Dorothy Anderson  
Theodora Anderson  
Janet Andrews  
Betty Branch  
Tonaeé Burgess  
Ruth Casey  
Queen Caudle  
Jacqueline Coleman  
Alice Dais  
Angela Ford  
Rebecca Hamlin  
Sharon Hollingsworth  
Sarah Love-Powell  
Elaine Martin  
Helen McClendon  
Brenda McKnight  
Louise Merchant Emeritus
Emma Palmer  
Donita Powell  
Sandra Powell  
Yelverton, Blanche